Mr. Holcomb is committed to delivering personalized professional legal representation. He strives to provide all clients with high quality, accessible legal representation. Mr. Holcomb personally handles each case from start to finish. 

Professionals such as paralegals, experts in certain fields, private investigators, or law students may assist on some cases. Mr. Holcomb’s goal is to represent his clients assertively, while at the same time helping to minimize his clients’ worries associated with legal matters. Mr. Holcomb strives diligently to obtain the results his clients’ desire. Let the Holcomb Law Firm, PC be “The Solution” to your legal needs. Mr. Holcomb will gladly visit you at your home or office to assist with your legal needs. Customer service is a priority for the Holcomb Law Firm, PC.

Personalized, professional legal representation is important to clients. These days, clients demand and deserve personal attention. Many larger to medium sized firms tend to treat clients as just another “file.” Mr. Holcomb keeps his practice small in order to personally serve each client and to treat each client with respect, and not as just another file. The largest number of Bar complaints filed against attorneys each year is due to attorneys not returning calls or communicating with their clients. Mr. Holcomb answers his own phones and personally returns every client’s phone call or email, usually on the same business day. After all, clients are the firm’s most important assets.

  • “Alan Holcomb has assisted me in the successful collection of judgments for years, and I heartily recommend him.  He is, in my experience, unparalleled in the prompt pursuit of judgment debtors.  Obtaining a judgment is only half the battle . . . collecting is the other half, and Alan does that superbly!”–John M. McKindles, Esq., McKindles Law Firm, PLLC

  • “I am a resident of New York and needed to obtain legal services in the state of Arizona. I provided a loan of approximately $10,800.00 to a friend who resides in Arizona. Unfortunately, I was unable to collect the debt, which was very stressful because of the distance between the defendant and myself. Therefore, I contacted a few attorneys in Arizona. I decided to have Mr. Alan Holcomb handle my case and I was very pleased. Mr. Holcomb and I communicated via the telephone and email on a frequent basis. Mr. Holcomb was diligent with my case and was successful in obtaining a judgment and collecting the debt owed to me. I would highly recommend his services to anyone both in Arizona or residing elsewhere.”–Sophia Steadman, New York resident

  • “As a chiropractic physician, I do lots of work with personal injury attorneys. I always look forward to treating patients who are clients of Mr. Holcomb, because of the excellent level of service and communication by his office. I was consecutively impressed with the outcome of my patients’ cases; so I even retained Mr. Holcomb as my business attorney. Mr. Holcomb has proven to be not only a top personal injury attorney, but also the best in many fields of law.” –Dr. Majera T. Majidi, Phoenician Health Group