Mr. Holcomb is trained and experienced in negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. Due to rising legal costs and a slow legal system, more people and companies are turning to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) these days. Mr. Holcomb assists clients by leading them through these ADR procedures. The costs of ADR are often lower than the costs of litigation and the results are often obtained much more timely with ADR. Mr. Holcomb is available to mediate or arbitrate private disputes.



The deliberation, discussion, or conference upon the terms of a proposed agreement; the act of settling or arranging the terms and conditions of a bargain, sale, or other business or legal transaction.



An arrangement for taking and abiding by the judgment of an impartial person in some disputed matter; This procedure is intended to avoid the formalities, the delay, the expense, and the vexation of ordinary litigation. Arbitration may be binding or nonbinding.



Settlement of a dispute by action of an intermediary. The friendly interposition of a third party intermediating between opposing parties with a view toward persuading them to settle their disputes.