“Alan Holcomb has assisted me in the successful collection of judgments for years, and I heartily recommend him. He is, in my experience, unparalleled in the prompt pursuit of judgment debtors. Obtaining a judgment is only half the battle . . . collecting is the other half, and Alan does that superbly!”

John M. McKindles, Esq.
McKindles Law Firm, PLLC


“I am a resident of New York and needed to obtain legal services in the state of Arizona. I provided a loan of approximately $10,800.00 to a friend who resides in Arizona. Unfortunately, I was unable to collect the debt, which was very stressful because of the distance between the defendant and myself. Therefore, I contacted a few attorneys in Arizona. I decided to have Mr. Alan Holcomb handle my case and I was very pleased. Mr. Holcomb and I communicated via the telephone and email on a frequent basis. Mr. Holcomb was diligent with my case and was successful in obtaining a judgment and collecting the debt owed to me. I would highly recommend his services to anyone both in Arizona or residing elsewhere.”

Sophia Steadman
New York resident


“As a chiropractic physician, I do lots of work with personal injury attorneys. I always look forward to treating patients who are clients of Mr. Holcomb, because of the excellent level of service and communication by his office. I was consecutively impressed with the outcome of my patients’ cases; so I even retained Mr. Holcomb as my business attorney. Mr. Holcomb has proven to be not only a top personal injury attorney, but also the best in many fields of law.”

Phoenician Health Group
Dr. Majera T. Majidi


“K. Alan Holcomb represented me in an emotionally stressful and extremely complex case. He is ETHICAL, honest, supportive, and efficient. I am very satisfied with the resolution of my case and I highly recommend his services.”

Pamela Lostumbo


“I had an ex partner who admitted he owed me about $23,000. My ex partner simply refused to pay me. As an out of state plaintiff, I felt a little lost in the system. I hired Alan and he immediately pounced on this guy and was firm in his pursuit. Not only did I recover my full principal owed, I also recovered interest (I wasn’t expecting that) as well as my attorney’s fees. Not only was I made whole, the whole proceeding took less than 60 days from the first time I contacted Alan. I highly recommend his services if you have someone who owes you money! Thank you Alan. ”

Michael F.


“Alan Holcomb has helped our family through two lawsuits. One a personal injury and one concerning the wrongful death of our precious son. He is very personable and competent and we had successful outcomes in both cases in a reasonable amount of time. We would highly recommend him.”

Debbie Klippel & Dennis Klippel

“Alan is a result-oriented lawyer who cares about his clients. He is highly effective and organized. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about law and his legal services provided my desired outcome in a personal injury case he handled for me.”

Stephanie Clark


“Alan Holcomb provided outstanding representation for my small business. I presented Alan with a difficult case against a large corporation that thought it was above the law. Alan Holcomb’s commitment, attention to detail, and winning attitude held the large corporation accountable for their actions. ”

David Linke
Aerosource, LLC
Talentstream, LLC


“Alan Holcomb has represented our company, Arizona Auto Werks, LLC, and has represented us personally as well. We have been very pleased with his results in both our business and personal affairs. Mr. Holcomb is easy to work with and it is apparent to us that he takes pride in doing the best job possible for his clients. We would recommend him to anyone looking for quality, result-oriented legal representation.”

Kris & Michelle P.

“On April of 2004, I was involved in a hit and run car accident that resulted to my soft tissue injuries as well as damage to my vehicle. When referred to Mr. Holcomb, he assured me that with his representation, I would be able to obtain justice as well as the knowing satisfaction that the other party involved would pay his dues for his infraction. As a result of his representation, my case was closed and settled within a four-month period. I would highly recommend and continue to use the legal advice and knowledge of Mr. Holcomb.”

Maria M.


“I would recommend to anyone who has been the unfortunate victim of an accident of any kind to contact the Office of Alan Holcomb. After my accident, I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I knew I was hurt, had numerous medical bills, and insurance companies calling, asking for information and a statement. A friend recommended that I call Alan. I did and the decision paid off. He handled everything for me. The consultation was free and he was upfront and honest. The only thing I had to worry about was getting better. I could call him at anytime during the process and he would make it a point to answer all of my questions. He was professional, prompt and most importantly achieved a more than fair settlement in mere months. Hopefully you’ll never have to use his services, but if you do, know that you’ll be treated fairly and compensated for the maximum amount you are entitled.”

Charles Torre


“I was in a really bad car accident and was concerned that the other party didn’t have the appropriate insurance (if any) to cover all the damages. A friend referred me to K. Alan Holcomb. Alan had just wrapped up her accident case and she praised his professionalism and efficiency throughout their dealings. I gave Alan a call, set up an appointment and was more than impressed with our initial consultation. Alan was up front about the fees and sensitivity of my case. He told me exactly what to expect from him and the other insurance company. Alan was always on top of my case and had answers for me whenever I needed them. Alan fulfilled all of his promises to me. I was very impressed with the outcome of my case, it was all and more than I had expected. I was most impressed with how personable and caring Alan is. He really cares about his clients. This was obvious because as my case was being wrapped up I noticed a financial discrepancy with a doctor I had seen. Alan immediately attended to this and then went above and beyond his responsibility to me. He is helping me correct this situation pro bono because of my legal concerns with this doctor. I would recommend and refer his services to all of my friends and family in need. Thank You Alan!”

Devon J Echols


“I am writing this letter to say that my experience working with K. Alan Holcomb was more satisfying than I could have ever expected. Not only was he prompt, reliable, and helpful, but far exceded my expectations of competence in the area of disability law that involved my case. Furthermore, the compassionate manner in which he viewed the underlying issues of my case was exceptionally welcome. He helped me through a critical period without the anxiety that can often accompany difficult situations. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending him to others who are considering hiring him as an attorney. You will not be disappointed.”

Thanks again,
Dr. Charlene Tracy